A Smart approach
to the
Japanese Market

Identify, analyze and solve the key issues to optimize the success of your company

We can help you

Improve your KPI

Improve Customers Satisfaction

Improve Sales and Profitability

Improve Productivity

Improve Staff Turnover

Improve Employees Satisfaction

Retail Consulting Services

We are specialists in Japanese Retail Businesses Solutions for:

– Food & Beverage Industry
– Apparel & Fashion
– Supermarkets & Malls
– E-commerce

Our Expertise:

– Financial & Retail Analysis
– Retail Operations & Logistics
– Store Audit & Databases
– HR plans & Incentives
– Marketing & Campaigns

Our Approach

– We spend time on the field with your customers and employees
– We structure and analyze data
– We work with original and experienced partners
– We give high importance to technology and creativity
– We focus on quick wins and elaborate short to long term strategies
– We implement, follow and adjust measurable actions